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SSW is a non profit environmental organization that has dreams of making and inspiring change to save the environment. 

Working Towards Installing BC's First Ever SeaBin

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SSW is collecting donations now to purchase and install a SeaBin in the Sea to Sky corridor. Read more in our Goals page.



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The SeaBin

The SeaBin is exciting project for Sumi Saves Wildlife. Developed by Pete Ceglinski and his team, the SeaBin is a very ecological solution to waste in Marinas and Ports. It is a floating garbage bin that is designed to collect waste in the water. SSW has decided to make this our goal. Providing BC's first ever SeaBin and Canada's second to the Sea to Sky.

The SeaBin works by sucking water in from the surface and pushing it through the catch bag inside the SeaBin. Water is then pumped back out leaving the debris and litter in the catch bag. It also has the potential to collect oils and micro-plastics up to 2mm.  The catch bag can hold up to 20 kg. The SeaBin is estimated to catch 1.4 tons of rubbish a year. The actual unit is made out of recycled plastic and the total amount of rubbish every SeaBin in the world has caught is 114,916 kg.

The SeaBin costs 7,000 CAD not including tax and shipping. 

The Seabin is a great project for SSW to pursue. We are looking forward to a continuing along this dream. We hope that everyone will be with us along this path.

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About Us

Sumi Martin


Sumi is a 10 year old Black Labrador. He has lived his entire life in ski resorts. Playing the snow and utterly loving the outdoors. He loves swimming, more than you can imagine. He's jumped out of a car once because he smelt water. He collects rocks from river beds and lakes, with his many broken teeth. He is a goofball that our whole family loves, and every stranger he meets. We cannot imagine a life where Sumi is not bouncing through the snow or rolling in the green grass. So please help us make sure that every animal gets to experience the environment like Sumi has.

Logo by Kai Martin

Neve Martin


I'm a teenager that lives in Whistler,BC. I am committed to a large variety of outdoor sports. Like skiing, soccer, swimming, mountain biking and running. All my life I've mainly lived outdoors. I heard stories of garbage island and the Arctic melting. I was sick of sitting around and relying on other people to do something. I finally decided to develop SSW to benefit the environment and make a change. With all the support from my family and friends I am sure that I can make a change.

Our Goals

Get BC's First Ever SeaBin

A SeaBin is a floating garbage bin that catches rubbish in the ocean. 

It is a sustainable Eco-friendly solution to waste in marinas and ports. SSW is collecting donations to buy a SeaBin for the Sea to Sky corridor . For more info proceed to or check out our blog on the SeaBin!

Garbage Clean Up

Roughly 25 million tons of the earth's healthy top soil is lost to garbage. We need to help the earth because all it's ever done is help us. Come with SSW to do a garbage clean up in Whistler. More details and dates coming soon. Keep updated by subscribing to our email list! 

Dog and Cat Toys Drive

Million of dogs are left in shelters or pounds. Give joy to the dogs that give you so much joy. We will hold a dog and cat toy drive to be donated to WAG pet shelter and others. More details coming soon. Keep updated by subscribing to our email list!

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